How Computer Vision will Change Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Friday, February 14, 2020

Due to the explosion of visual sharing among consumers, the ability to break down images into datasets with the help of computer vision has become critical to marketing.

FREMONT, CA: Computer vision has tremendously evolved over the years, adding exciting capabilities to the field of marketing. The technology used AI and machine learning to scan images and identify objects and components within them. Marketers can then collect, organize, and assess this data to enhance their marketing efforts. To illustrate how useful computer vision is becoming to marketers, Marketing presents some of the exciting applications of computer vision.

Recognizing Branded Images on Social Media

Brands have to monitor social media platforms to define the scope for customers to engage with them. Computer vision enables brands to foresee the opportunities that influence their success.  Recognizing branded images on social media and titling them for marketing is vital to marketers as it allows them to understand customers' interaction with a product or service. It also shows whether consumers make emotional connections with the brand, and enables tracking of perception change.  

Tracking Consumer Attention and Interpreting Emotions

Innovations in face analysis are now potent enough to assess consumers' facial expressions and measure their emotions. Learning about consumer attention and emotions is now a priority in marketing. Using computer vision, brands can gauge foot traffic, predict sales revenue, and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. 

Serving Relevant Creative

With computer vision's ability to ascribe detailed attributes and text descriptions to images, this metadata can then be used in algorithms to guide machine learning selection of creatives within marketing campaigns. Using computer vision, brands can gather real-time visual data on customers to customize the experience and inform marketing initiatives.

Marketers who integrate computer vision with their marketing initiatives will gain the opportunity to improve their campaigns, influence buying decisions, and finally enhance the customer experience. As computer vision continues to mature, marketers can expect powerful uses cases to come out in the future.

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