How Chatbots Improve Customer Experience

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, February 05, 2021

Firms that integrate bot technology into their customer experience strategy can accelerate customer engagement and even leverage behavioral insights to remediate customer frustrations.

FREMONT, CA: The chatbot age is here. Today, the average person will have more conversations with chatbots than anyone. Reports also found that the top three evolving technologies expected to have the biggest effect on customer experience projects in the next three years include artificial intelligence, virtual customer assistants and chatbots, and omnichannel engagement solutions. Chatbots are standing to help them and enhance their jobs. Here are some ways conversational AI can help humans in offering better CX.

• Improving Customer EngagementTop AI Marketing Solution Companies

Customers demand rapid service. They become impatient when faced with the pulsing dots in a messaging application that indicate the person on the other end is typing out a response. A human agent can write so many personalized messages at once—chatbots are developed for multitasking. But bots were. They can perform multiple conversations at once without missing a beat.

• Optimizing Order Management

Chatbots can help companies infulfilling orders more rapidly and easily, lightening the load for their human counterparts while also serving up an improved customer experience. As per reports, companies launched a chatbot that allows customers to reorder their favorite drinks through chat or by voice using a voice assistant integration from right within the app. Customers can secure a java fix without leaving the comfort of their home, office, or car, knowing it will be ready when they come back.

• Interpreting Digital Body Language

Bots can keep watch over the customer experience, springing into the task when a customer is frustrated but hasn’t yet reached out for assistance. A chatbot can spot digital body language signs that flag a customer is anxious; for example, when a customer is bouncing from page to page on a website and clicking frantically all over their screen. The bot can assist, scaling the issue to a human if required, and ensuring the customer is in good hands.

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