How Chatbots Enliven Brand Loyalty

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Combining reward programs with chatbots will help brands foster deep, one-to-one relationships with customers. 

FREMONT, CA: Reward programs are great motivations for customers, but implementing them in a cost-effective way that enables personalization at scale is challenging. Customers today are very pleased when they are provided with easily accessible rewards. This is where chatbots can be successfully implemented. Chatbots can help to more effectively facilitate consumers’ concerns. They can be used effectively to keep track of all rewards and behaviors of consumers in real-time.

 There are things like bump provisions and blackout dates in reward programs, which can be frustrating to consumers. Other issues are with the registration processes, long contact forms, long list of requirements, and the problems which arise while tracking rewards. Because of the lack of a proper interaction, many consumers forget that they are a part of the reward program. When they eventually try to redeem their reward points, they might have misplaced cards or forgotten the login information. Chatbots have been extremely successful in eliminating these consumer frustration issues. Making use of artificial intelligence can help brands better address the needs of consumers, and remove a lot of the frustration and strife to ensure more effective customer-brand interaction.

Top Loyalty Management Solution CompaniesOne of the classic strategies for encouraging brand loyalty is creating loyalty programs. Just think about the loyalty cards customers may get from retail businesses. While a loyalty program might seem conventional, chatbots give it a modern makeover. Customers will enjoy the convenience of instructing a chatbot to check reward balances, check perks, or redeem reward points. This way, customers can access their reward points within their chatting apps. After a customer has made a purchase or has filed a customer service request, a chatbot can follow up on the query and request feedback from the customer. This can be a quick survey or an open-ended response. If the customer is not satisfied, then the chatbot can offer a refund or any other compensatory reward.

No matter how the customer responds, offering a reward of some sort for their participation is an excellent way for brands to demonstrate their care for customers. There are several benefits of integrating chatbots with loyalty programs, and businesses that have not tried it yet might forfeit valuable benefits.

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