How Can Technology Help Augment Account-Based Marketing Strategy?

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Although account-based marketing (ABM) is not a new concept, it is receiving renewed interest among the B2B marketers due to technology trends that are digitizing the execution of ABM strategy

Fremont, CA: Account-based marketing (ABM) enables companies to support more complex organizations, and it is a strategy that combines data management with marketing automation in order to create personalized campaigns for the B2B customers that every organization wants to reach. The next step to that is having the right technology to meet the customers where they are at present, anticipate their future requirements, and communicate with empathy throughout every channel. It is most important now as constant change and the need to communicate effects businesses. Top 10 Event Management Solution Companies - 2020

Here are three digital marketing technology that will be instrumental in executing the ABM strategy.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict campaign success

What if businesses could anticipate the level of account engagement on their next campaign—before it launches? Advanced AI capabilities can aid in evaluating past performance and use predictive data to guide the next steps. The data connectors enable marketing, sales, and service teams to quickly integrate data from several external sources and analyze their audience on a more granular level. With the prevalence of AI, it is now possible to have a complete view of return on investment, and businesses can dive deeper into conversations at a micro-level.

Manage B2B content globally

Businesses that manage various segments, brands, or geographies have to tailor legal disclaimers, branding standards, copyright information, and other business content wherever they have a presence. Few businesses allow marketers to customize this content and maintain a global view of an account. Whether it is emailing customers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, or anywhere else, it's possible to deliver the right messages to the perfect customers at the right time without duplicating the efforts.

Lean on a virtual support team

When refined with ABM strategy and after growing capabilities with new technology, how can it be used to its full potential? Bringing a group of certified experts to provide guidance, support, and training long after implementation. Going this route can free the businesses team from day-to-day administration tasks, like setting up users or creating reports, and boost their productivity on more strategic projects. This could be particularly helpful for teams that are spread out across geographies and brands.

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