How Can Companies Tap into Social Media Channels

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, March 11, 2019

Social Media ChannelsCompanies wonder whether their brand or business should be on Twitter, or Pinterest. To make that decision, it may be best to take a step back and evaluate their entire social media strategy altogether.

Businesses have to ask questions which are related to their business and customers. They will arrive at the solutions, which help companies build their unique marketing strategy. Questions are also the starting points in determining precisely which networks to use.

Secondly, companies have to take stock of their brand in the Industry and also select channels that align with the company’s values. Companies have to ask related questions that would help determine if they are  B2C or B2B? Does their brand produce enough visual content on a continuous basis? Are there non-mainstream social media channels where they could better target their consumer-base?

Considering B2C e-commerce beauty brands, Instagram and Pinterest’s visual interfaces will help the company show off their products best, to attract the right female audiences and give the company greater freedom regarding content creation. Not to mention Instagram and Pinterest’s e-commerce-friendly features that include product tagging, product pricing, and website linking.

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Thirdly, organizations have to analyze their existing traffic sources this will point to the channels that are bringing in the most traffic. Companies keeping tabs on the traffic report is a great resource in determining which networks are already responding well to products/services.  Businesses have to continuously overview Google Analytics Social & Network Referrals Search report, which provides companies with a quick overview of which networks drive the most traffic to their site.

Fourthly, companies have to determine Competitors strategy and compare their strategy. Comparisons can provide valuable insights and save companies and their team a lot of expensive mistakes. Firms have to ask questions related: How often are competitors are posting? Who are competitor’s followers? Is this the target audience the company had in mind? (Tip: use this information to further inform your process in Step 1)

Additionally, businesses have to figure out what type of content resonates best with company audience and company have to determine the social media goals which companies wish to achieve.

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Finally, it’s time to gather all of the company answers and match them up with the channel(s) that will help the company reach their target audience and achieve their goals.

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