How Can Businesses Benefit from Hubspot?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hubspot offers the users a way to track their customer engagement metrics that benefits individual customers. Businesses are making this capability as an essential part of their growth strategies.

FREMONT, CA: Companies like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Mailchimp all use customer-facing metrics to offer essential data points to business users in the product experience. With the obtained information, managers can fine-tune their strategies and learn more about what works with consumers. One organization in particular that has nailed customer-facing metrics is Hub Spot. It has become the go-to inbound marketing software for various businesses. Through HubSpot's visually engaging, intuitive interface, firms can track the customer-engagement metrics, which can help them optimize marketing efforts.

Hubspot makes tracking the metrics and interprets what they mean in a secure way through the display data. Data can be portrayed through bar charts, isolated data points, and line graphs. Companies can easily filter between different views to see all dashboards under a particular category.

Top 10 HubSpot Consulting/Services Companies - 2019HubSpot automatically offers easy-to-understand, color-coded inline data points to help the users monitor and know their progress over time. Smaller windows will open when customers hover on some aspects in the charts. Also, reports can be customized to meet the needs of users. With just a glance at the Hubspot marketing metrics in the unique dashboard, management can discern actionable insights about the success of their marketing and sales efforts.

Though still helpful, not all the organization needs to employ a sophisticated business intelligence platform. Most businesses need quick access to data-driven intelligence to make smart decisions.

HubSpot does a great job of delivering relevant, actionable data directly to business users through the product experience. If the default data views aren't enough, managers can also take data analytics into their own hands and perform their calculations.

Hopefully, learning about how Hubspot tracks and displays customer engagement metrics. Inbound marketing metrics in a custom dashboard inspires to think about what the software customers and their end-users need.

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