How Blockchain Impacts Digital Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Marketing enterprises are using blockchain technology as it will help them to increase transparency, confidentiality, and accessibility. 

FREMONT, CA: Marketers are interested to see how blockchain can affect or improve their work. According to blockchain and marketing experts, there are many ways in which the technology is currently being used in the marketing industry and how marketers can utilize blockchain in the future.

What Is Blockchain Marketing?

Transparency, confidentiality, and accessibility are the three main pillars of blockchain, and they have the potential to disrupt nearly any industry, including marketing and advertising. Blockchain marketing anticipates a whole new advertisement and marketing landscape in which customers can own and sell their data to marketers and advertisers directly.

3 Ways Blockchain Will Revolutionize Marketing

Marketers anticipate that blockchain would have a significant impact on digital ads in particular. Blockchain allows a new type of digital advertising platform in which users can 'own' their data instead of surrendering it over to a publisher such as Facebook or Instagram.

As a result, customers will be directly compensated for their advertisement data, and marketers will be able to exploit this data to push targeted advertising at an individual stage. Here are some of the ways blockchain is influencing marketing.

More Democratic Marketing

Blockchain can offer some of the powers to the consumers, which was earlier under the control of social media platforms and other organizations that gather customer data. People may choose to view advertisements in exchange for a digital currency or token. This means that customers will be compensated directly for watching advertisements and possibly giving up their data.

More Reliable Marketing

Blockchain technology will bring transparency to the process of sourcing and manufacturing products. For example, whether the product was organic or if the farmers involved in the supply chain were compensated. Supply chains become much easier to audit, and customers can be more confident that product labels are reliable.

Cheaper Ads

The cost of digital ads would be minimized for marketing departments if the middleman was removed. Without relying on a third party, ad metrics can become more accurate. Ad monitoring can be challenging when using one or more third parties, but details will be readily available to marketers with blockchain. As a result, marketing departments will be able to measure the ROI of their advertisements more effectively.

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