How BERT Affects SEO and How You Can Optimize For It

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Google's BERT release has successfully impacted 10 percent of the search queries.

FREMONT, CA: In the SEO industry, BERT created a massive buzz because, according to them, it officially impacts almost 10 percent of the search queries. The percentage of questions affected by it is an enormous number because millions of searches are conducted every day. 

What is BERT?

Bert is known as the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. The technology is based on a neural network for the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and was open-sourced last year by Google. 

The Google BERT Update

BERT doesn't need to be the latest update of Google's present algorithm, but it can improvise NLP. The techniques permit Google to process words in every search query related to the different terms that are restricted in the question. However, the method is not similar to the word per word process that was earlier used by Google. 

Top 10 SEO Tech Consulting/Service Companies - 2019With the help of this process, Google will know about the entire context of the word that has been restricted to the search query. It shows that Google's application of the BERT model supports them in doing an enhanced job of helping the users while searching for useful information. The BERT model's principal target is to apply longer, and conversational queries where words like to or for will immensely affect the meaning of the question. 

The BERT techniques have already affected most of the searches, and presently they are applied to the featured snippets in different languages.  

According to Google developing for BERT is not so easy because there is not much to optimize. However, the SEOs always have different methods of understanding an algorithm's update in a creative way that allows them to suggest strategies that can help navigate through Google's changing algorithms. 

It is not a surprising fact that Google has already developed BERT because they have continually put forward the updates related to the user search experience. The recent updates of Google prioritize some of the features like providing informative, expertly-curated, delivering useful and appropriate answers for the users.

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