How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Event Attendee Experience

Martech Outlook | Monday, January 03, 2022

The field of artificial intelligence is continuously evolving and changing, and it is sure to have an impact on every aspect of life, including how people attend events.

FREMONT, CA: AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming increasingly significant, especially since modern cloud computing technology enables more powerful, versatile, and scalable AI technologies. By 2027, the market is expected to reach almost $267 billion, up from $27.23 billion in 2019.

And, as a result of AI's continuing progress and accessibility, it is being applied in a diverse range of varied applications.

For Event Check-In, Facial Recognition: One of the most often used AI applications in events. Facial recognition technology has advanced significantly over the last decade, most notably with the introduction of Face ID by Apple.

Using advanced AI capabilities, event organizers can enable attendees to check-in using only their face—instantly matching the person's face to their ticket and any other information required. This results in fewer check-in headaches—no more misplaced tickets or other such issues. Facial recognition simplifies the attendee experience!

Personalization and Recommendations Using AI Matchmaking: One of the most effective uses of AI is to provide event participants with personalized content and recommendations. For instance, having event attendees complete a survey about their interests before attending a trade show—and then using AI to match them with booths and firms that fit their profile the most closely. Additionally, AI matchmaking can be utilized for networking purposes, connecting like-minded individuals and those in comparable vocations and industries.

Enhancement of Attendee Communication: Though the technology is far from perfect, AI has significantly contributed to the translation industry. Today's translation programs are more effective and accurate than ever before, owing to AI, which aids in the removal of language barriers at events.

Chatbots are another example of how AI is facilitating improved attendee communication. Attendees can communicate directly with a chatbot via a seamless interface at virtual events or even actual events.

Reduce Event Costs: AI is a cost-cutting tool, as it can automate many jobs that would otherwise require the assistance of a human. This means that AI will assist event organizers in reducing event costs both now and in the future.

For instance, implementing an automated kiosk with facial recognition for event check-in may require only one or two team members not booths and tables with hundreds of personnel checking in visitors and handing out packets.

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