How are Emails Improving Interactions of Retailers and Customers ?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, June 16, 2020

FREMONT, CA: As a retail marketer, a connection with the customers is important. The subscribers are to receive timely messages about the new products to help them drive revenue, but they also want to keep the customers up-to-date whenever they make a purchase. The consumers are still using email to receive communications from the retailers; rather, they are up for that communication challenge. The best part is that those emails still stimulate engagements among shoppers of all ages. The retailers can also use strategic email marketing to enhance customer retention, better buyer trust, and improve conversion rates. With the help of email, it is easy to showcase products and reach the customers right where they are.

Here are four email marketing tips for retailers.

1• Ensuring that the emails are informative, with the critical product differentiators or positive customer reviews that are short and on point. It includes images from multiple angles, short bullets with descriptive information, videos that feature customer ratings and their reviews, and specifications like dimension size, and material. Top 10 Loyalty Management Solution Companies - 2019

2• Customers use various devices for different tasks during the day. They generally scan their inbox on their phone in the morning while still on the bed and do some online browsing in the office during their lunch break, and make a purchase in the evening on their comfort. The simplest way to acknowledge this is by displaying a different header image based on the time of the day. Retailers who send time-sensitive content during a flash sale will also want to stay relevant no matter when the email is opened. They can also achieve this by selecting alternative content to cater for email opens after the sale has ended.

3• Keeping the branding consistent across all campaigns, be it promotional or transactional id vital. The marketers might send transactional messages from a different platform without noticing that they are using a different “from” name or the color scheme.

4• When $1 trillion is on the line, one is tempted to run on an all-out blitz, sending a higher volume of email than what is generally sent throughout the rest of the year. But this unusual behavior overloads the sending IPs very quickly and raises red flags to mailbox provides putting the senders’ reputation and inbox rates in jeopardy. Therefore one should be prepared for higher volumes in advance by carefully and responsibly sending additional emails consistently.

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