How AI-Based Intelligent Chat can Transform Lead Generation

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Building an AI-based chat strategy can give brands a boost in procuring high-quality leads.

FREMONT, CA: Instant messaging and chatbots are among the fastest-growing trends and the most powerful weapons for marketers today. Users have been amassing to messaging apps for private conversations. With people spending more time in private messaging apps, marketers need to solve the puzzle of reaching such users. AI-based chat for lead generation has emerged as a silver bullet. 

Intelligent chat assistance for lead generation works for several reasons, and one significant reason is the increase in users who spend time on chat apps. Users prefer chatting, and because of the familiarity, the trend of chatbots shows no signs of disappearing. The longer the customer chats with AI-based assistants, the more the data is collected, and this data helps marketers segment their marketing campaigns and up-sell users on suggested products and services based on their preferences. The main goal of interaction with prospects is to generate more qualified leads. By asking qualifying questions tailored to the solution context and prospective personas, and tailoring the follow-up messaging accordingly will let customers self-select whether they are a good fit for a given product or service. By doing so, it frees time for customer representatives, account executives, and builds trust among customers. This can be very helpful for lead generation.   

Top Customer Experience Solution CompaniesFilling out forms is a tedious task to do. It is neither exciting nor engaging. AI-based chat can replace this form-filling in a super-effective way to generate leads. It asks user details within the conversation as the user goes further in the purchasing journey. This lessens the friction and optimizes the data collection process. Hence, AI-based chat boosts lead generation strategy if a customer does not have to make efforts to fill info. Education is a vital element in the lead generation process. Without having adequate information about the product, the customers will not buy it. This can be made easy with AI-based chat. Brands can use chatbots to educate their audience and make them regular subscribers.

Today’s consumers prefer chatting to communicate to do business. So, if brands do not have a proper lead generation bot, they will miss out on opportunities for generating effective leads.

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