How AI Helps in Mobile Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, March 18, 2021

Simply integrating AI into the mobile marketing efforts gives brands a competitive advantage.

FREMONT, CA: Business or brand has to adapt to the changing times to reach more mobile device-obsessed customers and be one step ahead of the competition. One of the evolving mobile technology trends firms can explore artificial intelligence. Considered the coming big thing in mobile marketing, AI is creating new marketing opportunities for brands. The applications for AI are hugely diverse. Businesses are taking advantage of this and are using AI to predict buying behavior. Read on to know more.

Chatbots can engage people in human-like conversations through messaging apps to automate business transactions, including processing orders, booking flights and hotels, managing one’s finances, scheduling an appointment, and many more. AI processes text or speech and sends an appropriate response to the user. These artificially intelligent messaging-based bots offer a huge opportunity for mobile marketers to position their brand as a leader in the industry. Adopting chatbots as part of the mobile marketing strategy can benefit the brand in several ways.

AI enables brands to automatically set dynamic prices rather than fixed prices to boost their profits. Dynamic pricing adjusts prices in real-time based on market requirements and how much a customer can and is willing to pay. This mobile marketing technology also forecasts which consumers might require a discount before they convert and which ones might convert without the need for a discount. This way, price cuts are targeted only at consumers who will convert when provided a discount.

AI makes it seamless for mobile marketers to tailor more targeted and personalized marketing messages and ads by spotting consumers’ behavioral trends and patterns. This mobile technology offers marketers insights into consumer preferences and the best times for sending out those messages. To understand and forecast how a customer would behave, customer data is analyzed, such as what they buy, what they’re talking or asking about, their demographics, location, and social behavior. In doing so, marketers can find which customers would make repeat purchases or the chances a specific prospect will convert.

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