How Advertising Operations Technology is Helping Media Companies

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, January 14, 2022

The ad operations in the media companies are using advertising operations technology trends to stay ahead of the competition.

FREMONT, CA: In the media industry, ad operations are continuously evolving because of technical developments, a transformation in consumer demands and opinions, and new regulations. For industry professionals, it is necessary to stay on top of the ad tech trends. Here are some of the advertising technology trends which the companies can follow to stay ahead of their competition.

Top 10 Ad Management Consulting/Services Companies - 20191. New Formats for Video and Programmatic Advertising

It is forecasted that the TV market's video and programmatic share will keep increasing in the next few years. It is also proven to be one of the most appealing storytelling techniques that improve the buyer's journey and drives conversion rates. Video is also a powerful method of advertising. Many companies are also investing more in video advertisements. The popularity of video ads increases more among companies because of its formats like out-stream and social in-feeds.

The programmatic purchasing and selling of digital video advertisements will also increase because of the brand's innovative buying practices. Today more publishers are also embracing automation in the sales process, due to which the demand for programmatic purchasing and selling ads will increase.

2. Extended Privacy Regulations After GDPR

After the implementation of GDPR to fight against ad fraud, the tech companies reported that there is a drop-in media expenditure and a decline in automated ad requests. The GDPR is restricting the collection and utilization of third-party data for several purposes, including advertising. Companies were worried that it could impact the targeted campaigns to reduce personalization by entirely changing the advertising methods to abstract context-based digital advertisements.

Media sales improve and gain their previous position and adapt because the contextual targeting and first-party data have influenced the ad tech developers to change targeting and personalization. It has been done with the help of programmatic advertisements. It is also expected that in the next few years, there will be more new strategies for targeted advertising along with best practices guidelines that can offer new opportunities.

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