How AdTech is Improving Digital Advertising

Martech Outlook | Monday, January 17, 2022


Ad tech employs automation to save time so that media planners may focus on data analysis and interpretation of statistics in order to increase creative campaign performance in the future.

Fremont, CA: Ad tech refers to systems that provide analytical and management capabilities for display, video, search, mobile, and social advertisements. This ecosystem is dominated by two main players: the publisher and the advertiser, who represent the supply and demand sides, respectively. The latter employs ad technology to increase the effectiveness of their advertising expenditure by guaranteeing that their ad campaigns reach their intended demographic. The primary responsibility of ad tech is to analyze, manage, and distribute advertisements based on ad requirements. The end result of each campaign is largely the same: increased efficacy and engagement on the ad space in question.

Ad tech improves the accessibility and efficacy of digital advertising efforts. It offers some other benefits like:

Better utilization of advertising budgets

Ad tech insights assist media buyers in delivering ad material that resonates with a specific audience at the right moment and is more likely to result in a conversion. For example, video ACR technology is becoming more popular in OTT. This technology recognizes popular material among viewers by taking a video/audio sample and matching it with an existing database. Many advertisers have achieved higher ROI with the use of adtech like this compared with traditional media buying and other delivery methods that provide less control over inventory and ad placement.

Better campaign monitoring

Demand partners have better planning and measuring options now, owing to ad tech. Adtech technologies, such as ad servers, display campaign performance from a variety of angles, indicating where the ads are and how they are performing. This boosts productivity, makes media purchasing easier, and aids in the optimization of corporate procedures.

Segmentation of audience

Professional marketers recognize the inefficiency of the "one-ad-fits-all" strategy. Different strategies are required depending on where a brand's customers are in the marketing funnel. Ad tech makes it easier to target different audiences with different ads.

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