High-Performance Road Bike Manufacturing

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Argon 18 is known for integrating intense research into its innovative, classic, and sleek bike design and development. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to develop and develop high-end motorcycles in Canada. The Argon 18 bikes are built around a cyclist who is a performer, maneuverable, and aerodynamic at the core of his design criteria and were founded in 1999 by a three-time Canadian Olympic Champion, Gervais Rioux– one of the most awarded Northern American bikers of his generation.

The design and the philosophy of manufacturing behind every Argon 18 bike is the factor of optimal balance; it is the subtle alchemy of lightness, stiffness, convenience, and aerodynamics. The result is a high-performance bike which is easy to cycle, handles well as quickly as possible when climbing. Moreover, it gives the rider a sense of satisfaction without undesirable tiredness. Argon 18 ensures that all products are infinitely more accurate and competitive by testing the motorcycles in real wind conditions. Extensive CFD testing shall be performed on bikes. The process uses computers to simulate the liquid/gas flow involved in aerodynamic motorcycle design.

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Argon 18 recently announced the appointment of Martin Le Sauteur as the company's new CEO. With more than 30 years of marketing as well as technology experience, Sauteur, recognized for his expertise in the management of world-class high-crowded enterprises, will join Argon 18 with the goal to lead the company in its next phase of development.

Sauteur is an experienced executive who has an impressive record in promoting fast-growth success amongst leading companies. He joins Argon 18 from iperceptions, a world leader in research and audience solutions, where he was the CEO since 2016. He was the Chairman of Marketel McCann Erickson a prize-winning advertising agency before joining iperception. He has also previously served as president and managing director at Acquisio, one of North America’s fastest growing firms. At Acquisio, he successfully integrated multiple takeovers and placed the company as a marketing technology leader. He was the chief operating officer and co-founder officer of Nurun, one of the top 50 interactive agencies worldwide, before joining the Acquisio team.

The appointment of Martin Le Sauteur confirms Argon 18’s intent to maintain its head office or operations in Montreal, Canada, exactly where the brand was established after investment from Bregnerød Investeringsselskab Aps in Argon 18.

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