Gravvity Develops App for Making Social Media a Healthier Community

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Gravvity’s application launching in April 2021 develops a space for authenticity and wellness for social media users worldwide.

FREMONT, CA: As virtual-powered life becomes the new standard, social media has become a core source to communicate and connect billions of users worldwide. Social media has become a key part of daily life to manage relationships and feel connected during a period where in-person interaction is limited. Its influence is undisputed; however, concerns over the negative impacts of this widespread adoption are becoming more common. Noting these concerns, Gravvity, a bold new firm on a mission to offer the world a healthier and more empowering social experience, developed an application to address the flaws in the present social dynamic and develop an empowering new future.

Launching in April 2021, Gravvity is a next-generation chat and social engagement app that allows users to couple and filter their social feeds. Anchored in transparency, Gravvity offers a new approach that empowers its users and places their requirements at the center of the platform to develop a personalized, healthier, and happier social media lifestyle. Social media apps are exploiting people for their data and attention. Gravvity’s mission is to empower people to enjoy the advantages of being socially connected without being exploited.

Gravvity generates a space where users can have authentic conversations and create real connections. The Gravvity app includes features such as removing like and follower counts, a chat experience that cuts the fear of missing out, and a fully customizable, chronologically ordered social feed free of spam and manipulative algorithms to develop a space for authenticity to thrive. By finding itself from existing social media with its attention to design, personalized method transparency in all actions, Gravvity aims to develop trust and build a better future. With billions of existing users looking for an improved social media experience, Gravvity is poised to change the industry and improve how people engage with each other online.

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