Google Claims Mobile Ads Help New Store Data Purchase

By Marketing Tech Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Google seems to be doing a much better job at retailing by linking the ads on smart phones of consumers to what they purchase in stores. As per the reports by Alistair Barr in Wall Street Journal, this is evoking a sense of urgency among advertisers for bringing in more advanced mobile ads resulting in more investments.

How it is done? The idea of tracking here is not just confined to online search engines but the ‘smart phone as a whole’ giving rise to privacy concerns. Google efficiently tracks the clicks on search ads and calculates the number of store visits. This technology has been implemented successfully by hundreds of retailers across continents and is regularly receiving reports from Google on the total number of store visits based on the search ads. Retail stores like Target  and Home Depot  are currently enjoying the benefits of this technology to collect data on what exactly the shoppers purchase on these visits.

Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President at Target elaborates on how they learned through Google’s store-measurement data that their mobile search ads significantly influence the point of purchase of a consumer. She adds that the Google data pointed out specifically the people who have clicked on mobile search ads and end up buying products in its stores than people who use desktops search ads.

Retailers have always been at odds towards encouraging mobile apps due to the pre-established notion that only few users will take the effort to complete a purchase over the phone. The report asserts that it would be a major achievement if Google succeeds in bringing a favorable change of attitude among the retailers and bring about some real transformation in the field of technology as well as capital.

The tracking technology works with the help of cookies that gets placed on consumers’ cell phones Web Browser while they click on the ads. Other users who agree to share their location through these apps will be tracked accordingly through maps.

“We hope to establish a virtuous cycle of investment on the part of advertisers in this area, and we provide measurement tools as an enabler. They need to take their search ad spending and figure out what fraction drives store uplift, and decide how much to spend on search ads again,” says Sridhar Ramaswamy, Google’s Head of Ads and Commerce.

Facebook has also been using similar data on store sales but what makes this technology unique is its access to users’ identities which makes it easy for them to link customer accounts and email addresses.But when it comes to Google their cookies do not support on mobile apps, and Apple, thus putting itself to a further trial.

Data companies including Acxiom, the Epsilon unit of Alliance Data Systems  and Oracle ’s Datalogix will be playing a prominent role with Google to connect store purchases to its ads.

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