Getting Customer Experience Right

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The race for the possession of customer experience is always on. Companies that create exceptional customer experience can set themselves apart from their competitors. Each time consumers interact with a company it leaves an impression.  Customer experience has been around as long as businesses have and with the arrival of new technologies, the expectations for what great customer experience looks like have also changed tremendously.

Technology has changed the way customers communicate, and the web put information a single click away.  With mobile devices, social media channels, and smart technology consumers get constant and incredible accessibility to content driving consumers to crave experiences. As a result of this shift, companies are continually setting a higher bar for customer experience. Brands have created on-demand services and products that place customer convenience a priority and hence develop a culture of radical transparency that humanizes the faceless brands making the customer experience public news. A significant customer interaction gets showcased, and the brand starts getting applause from all the corners of the internet, or a negative remark leaves the company with a nightmare that warrants a public apology. Brands are beginning to realize the focus on delivering better customer experiences across the customer journey will help to gain control over the brand.   

Brands also need to measure lag indicators instead of leads. A lag measure reveals whether the company achieved the goal, but lead indicators track the critical activities driving its success and are influenced directly by them. The key is not to focus on any customer experience indexes but to stress on the actions that will help deliver excellent customer experience. Brands could facilitate this by sharing best practices or seeing things in the customer’s perspective.

Fortunately, there are several new ways to capture and quantify the customer touchpoints that adds to the customer experience. Businesses are increasingly launching customer experience management platforms to gauge customer experience holistically across every department, roles, and customer types. So it is time for brands to think about how they will approach their customer experience strategy to outpace the competition in the market.

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