Geenee Secures $7M to Expedite WebAR Growth

By MarTech Outlook | Thursday, January 02, 2020

Sturgis Adams, CCO

A mobile software startup has raised a funding of $7 million to help brands and agencies open new marketing and revenue-generating opportunities.   

FREMONT, CA: "At Geenee we are building bridges between the physical and digital worlds. Our image recognition and WebAR toolchain will allow marketers to attach that same instant convenience that social and websites already provide to everyday objects, surfaces and storefronts by adding a layer of the internet to those natural canvases and providing content that is more useful and entertaining based on the audience’s location. We call this content in context. This can create new revenue streams and engagement in untapped places for brands and partners (think bustops, billboards, airports or living rooms)," says Sturgis Adams, CCO of Geenee. The mobile software startup helping brands engage their audiences, Geenee has raised $7 million Series Seed Round. This capital was funded by IDI Partners, LLC ("IDI Group"), a multi-family office VC platform. 

Geenee helps brands and agencies open new revenue opportunities, enabling consumers to recognize, engage, and shop the physical world around them. Using its patented, browser-based image and video recognition, the company's technology enables portable devices to trigger rich, contextual content and e-commerce at the moment of inspiration. "This capital will provide runway for execution of our go to market strategy, development and further iteration of the toolchain of products that help portable devices recognize the world around them and deliver entertaining and useful results," added Sturgis. "We have several projects currently in market with partners and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll see from us in the Entertainment, Beauty and Automotive verticals in the coming year."

Sturgis Adams adds, "We're sworn to secrecy around what’s next for us with partners, but we tell our friends to keep an eye out for calls to action from some of the world’s best known publishers, brands and movies on social and IRL to experience the magic of GEENEE." The company is making the physical world around easily recognizable with mobile, browser-based technology. Integrating powerful image and video recognition, WebAR and creative services, Geenee has opened new revenue opportunities that never previously existed.

Geenee is a mobile software company, helping portable devices see the world around them with the use of lightweight and robust image recognition. The company triggers contextual content, right from ticket sales and film trailers to AR stories and storefronts. Geenee offers rich mobile results via a scalable, web-based platform with no required downloaded app. The company is working to make accessing content, stories and information directly from around the world easy, rewarding, and meaningful. Combining AI and Feature-Based Image recognition to connect the off-line, online and immersive realms, Geenee delivers the right content at the right moment using magical cameras and interfaces that live wherever audiences do - in an app, on a platform or directly on the internet while adding a frictionless digital skin to the world.  

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