Gamification: Effective Means of Event Management

By Martech Outlook | Monday, April 15, 2019

Gamification, along with live video features and chatbots are one of the most talked about event trends today. Even though the term gamification is spread like wildfire throughout the event industry, there is still confusion about what gamification is and how it can enhance an in-person event. To satisfy the gamification demands of unique audiences, developers construct event-specific gaming mobile applications. This shoot boosts the attendee engagement and interaction so that, they can’t be distracted from the main event for which it was meant. Gamification is hyped through emerging mobile event app technology. However, poorly structured or designed game can waste the efforts made to build and harm the event.

If a game is not intuitive and simple, it is not possible to get familiar with in the few days of the event. In turn, it is impossible to motivate the public to participate in the event. The game strategy should be such that it shouldn’t take time to learn the rules and regulations for the attendees so that time management can be attained and the duration of the game should be minimum. Attendees shouldn’t be forced to attend the event, instead, create an appropriate game and viral it in a creative way to spice it further up. A good game always goes viral without any effort from the organizer. The aim of the game shouldn’t be just increasing the booth traffic but also increasing the meaningful interactions with the attendeesso that visibility of the sponsor's product can be attained to the maximum possible extent and revenue can be improved. It is a known fact that attendees come to the gaming event for networking. Many business organizations send their folks to interconnect with other businesses so that there can be a possible knowledge sharing mutually. Gamification creates an environment that encourages communication and makes it easier for attendees to approach each other.

Gamification can be executed or implemented in all possible ways to fit an event’s exact need as the options are endless. It doesn’t matter how the game is incorporated into the event; the important factor is that it should attract the viewers, increase the number of attendees, and keep the user engaged.

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