G5 Introduces Smart Advertising Platform

By Martech Outlook | Friday, April 12, 2019

The leader in real estate market optimization, G5 has announced the release of Smart Digital Advertising—an intelligent advertising solution—designed to attain higher digital advertising conversions. This suite of technologies is intended for customer conversion in the multi-family, self-storage and senior-living markets by harnessing automation and artificial intelligence to optimize targeted campaigns based on customer interest. The company claims that its Smart Digital Advertising drives 2.5 times higher conversions than the real estate industry average.

The advertising solution gives more profound insights into campaigns and specific keywords that are delivering the most conversions which can be used to optimize campaigns and focus spending on the ads that are indeed working. The solution's Dynamic Ads feature improves marketing efficiency by managing campaigns automatically based on market and location dynamics. It uses real-time pricing and unit availability as stated in press release.

In the latest G5 advertising test, the cost per conversion decreased 34 percent, conversion rate increased 85 percent, and conversions increased 44 percent. It also showed a 5 percent decrease in total spend meaning that the company provided 44 percent more conversions for the same marketing outlay. With this kind of impact, G5 Smart Digital Advertising promises customers an immediate benefit using.

Founded in 2005, G5 is a predictive marketing SaaS company that uses AI and other emerging technologies to help marketers magnify their impact. Through its cloud platform, the company offers predictive analytics, one-to-one customer journeys, personalized customer experiences, and continuous spend optimization.

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