Future of Marketing: Relevance of Mobile Marketing

Martech Outlook | Thursday, June 23, 2022

How mobile marketing is becoming an important marketing strategy in current era.

FREMONT, CA: Today, smartphones have become a necessity for the majority of the population across the globe. The introduction of the 5G network and advancements in mobile technology has given marketers an opportunity to scale their reach to billions of users effectively. Also, with the concept of the digital world, it became critical for the marketers to address customer expectations using digital platforms. Mobile marketing personalises customer experiences based on location, providing a dynamic space including mobile website ads, SMS, and MMS to target the relevant audience.

It is quintessential for brands to maintain a digital presence as the number of active users are increase exponentially. This gives them a space to broadcast their service discount and product launches along with other relevant marketing updates. Marketers also need to adopt different tactics for effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Types of Platforms for Mobile Marketing

Through the different channels provided by mobile marketing, marketers can reach a wide range of audiences, and connect and engage with them. There is numerous software that offers different capabilities to campaign at different stages of mobile marketing. They can either work as a stand-alone or be integrated with other ad tech and mar tech systems.

- Mobile Focused Platforms: Marketing through SMS, ad display, messages and targeted ads.

- Marketing Automation Platforms: Marketing capabilities that are built into the system to run multiple campaigns at the same time from one place.

- Loyalty Programs: In-app marketing done to encourage the continued use of a particular application.

Benefits of Using Mobile Marketing Strategy

- The extensive use of smartphones by people from different age groups and demographics of the global population would help the marketer to drive a deep impact in shorter timeframes. 

- This marketing strategy allows brands to offer unique experiences to the potential buyers by experimenting with different ways of marketing, converting them to customers and shortening the buying cycle.

- Mobile marketing is beneficial to both B2C and B2B marketers, to drive highly targeted campaigns, to boost results.

- Using Augmented Reality leading retailers are successfully delivering better customer experiences.

Building rich mobile experiences is crucial in creating a digital environment. It is necessary to automate the delivery of valuable experiences through digital channels as users spent a lot of time going through their smartphones. Marketing features such as QR codes and voice messaging are new ways to extend the customer lifecycle by keeping them engaged for longer.

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