From Lead Generation to Sales Metrics, Pipedrive Augments the Entire Sales Process

By MarTech Outlook | Friday, August 23, 2019

Martin Butler, Product Marketing Manager

Marketplace is now plugging marketing professionals in partner-built apps that are easily used and have one-click installations succeeding the installation of new updates.

FREMONT, CA: Marketplace, a platform built by Pipedrive, offers a wide range of applications and integration, allowing sales professionals to enhance their business. Pipedrive has added new applications to the platform to enhance the profitability of sales for any organization. Marketplace helps to unite all tools in one place, saving time and streamlining the workflow. This allows the sales experts to rapidly find and pick from dozens of applications already integrated and ready to use with Pipedrive, the #1 user-rated sale CRM. Once a sales professional discovers a suitable app, he can use Pipedrive in minutes to install and run it.

Pipedrive has added significant fresh partner-built applications to its Global Marketplace. “Pipedrive was built by salespeople for salespeople, and everything we do is fundamentally based in helping salespeople do more, more efficiently - the Marketplace is one great example of that. We integrate with 150+ apps, providing dozens of opportunities to improve sales processes, no matter what you're selling,” said Martin Butler, Product Marketing Manager, Pipedrive.

Inspired by proven techniques of experienced sales individuals, Pipedrive technicians have created a platform that helps salespeople and teams to concentrate on studying and repeating their most efficient deal process. The platform focuses on marketing fundamentals by putting together the instruments and information to advance deals through their pipelines. Pipedrive helps provide timely, comprehensive, and precise sales reporting and income projections to management and sales teams with the objective to create sales success for individual sales staff and organizations inevitably. For empowering sales professionals, Pipedrive was recognized as one of the “Top 10 CRM Solution Providers” in 2016 by the Marketing Tech Outlook Magazine.

“Our Marketplace partners go through rigorous testing to ensure they are up to standard for customers. In addition to supporting major project management and communication apps like Trello, Asana, and Slack, we add integrations to the Marketplace monthly across a variety of categories, helping automate tasks or drive qualified leads through the pipeline” said Butler.

He added, “Just recently we added support for Xero, which automates tedious tasks like creating invoices without having to send emails to accountants. New integrations also include lead generation tools like Leady and Ohmylead; forecasting app QuarterOne; cloud phone system; and data management tools like Import 2 Wizard.”

Pipedrive Marketplace provides email support to the sales and visual interface that prompts to do action and stay on top of all deals. It keeps a track on sales forecasting providing mobile apps through which clients can work from anywhere, anytime. Whenever an activity is completed, Pipedrive reminds to schedule the next one. The process can also be automated by creating follow-ups for the clients.

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