FreeCast Smart Guide Vs Traditional On-Screen TV Guide

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, January 18, 2019

Riad Shalaby, CMO and Jeff Berke, CEO

Hundreds of thousands of free films, shows, events, videos, and live channels are today available online for free. Perhaps, the only problem here is finding them. With this as a focus, FreeCast has brought a technology that can make this seamless. FreeCast is a global entertainment company which is a leader in monetizable web television (TV) and VOD (Video-on-demand) solutions. The proprietary technology of FreeCast searches organizes and manages all the content that is available on the web. The Cloud Entertainment Platform of FreeCast develops services and products that enable consumers to access all kinds of entertainment on any device, regardless of whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop or desktop. FreeCast is a leader in monetizable web television and VOD (Video-on-demand) solutions. The Cloud entertainment platform comprises of world’s largest library of free and pay-per-view VOD. 

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Audience Acuity has announced that FreeCast, a subsidiary of Nextelligence Inc, has licensed the National Consumer Database of Audience Acuity to assist the video entertainment platform company in identifying accredited investors to avail growth opportunities. Audience Acuity will provide data that lets FreeCast reach authorized investors with a high net real value to support FreeCast 's growth and business strategy. FreeCast has 3.5 million subscribers and an omnichannel distribution network with dedicated storage space in more than 35,000 retail locations across the country, including Walmart, Sears, and Target stores. The Cloud Entertainment Platform of the company comprises one of the world’s largest aggregate libraries of free and pay-per-view content delivered by SmartGuide, SelectTV, and RabbitTV Plus services from FreeCast.  Indeed, the TV product of FreeCast continues to offer its content to consumers from 350,000 shows, 2500 live streaming channels and more than 50,000 radio stations globally for $2.99 per month.

The consumers have realized that relying on the web for television could be time-consuming and confusing with content continually existing and emerging through the online sources. This problem can be solved by the FreeCast Smart Guide, which makes it easy for consumers to browse all their viewing options, as easily as they browse the traditional on-screen cable TV guide.

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