Folloze Adds New Features to Its B2B Personalized Marketing Platform

MarTech Outlook | Monday, September 27, 2021

­­Folloze has enhanced its personalized marketing platform.

FREMONT, CA: Folloze has added futuristic and unconventional new features and potentialities to its proprietary Business to Business (B2B) personalized marketing platform. The company’s marketing platform aims at converting efforts of the companies to engage customers into a pipeline to create fresh streams of revenue. In light of this, Folloze has launched new capabilities along with realistic and instantaneous insights into understanding the buyer's behavior and further aligning it with the sellers for orchestrating a closed-looped process with dynamic content and exceptionally valuable experiences.

The innovative and novelized B2B personalized marketing platform of Folloze helps in bettering account engagement with tailored and micro-targeted approaches and experiences that can instigate a deeper level of account engagement to unlock higher streams of revenue. The platform is equipped with dynamic and robust features such as an account engagement dashboard, which with deep analytics, aggregates all the data touchpoints to derive intelligent insights to the accounts. Targeting dashboard is yet another new feature that guides the company’s sales teams to target the accounts and also gain recommendations into guiding execution amid the changing customer needs.

Folloze works on the principle of transforming customer interaction into a purposeful engagement that can drive business outcomes. The company primarily focuses on excelling in B2B marketing personalization. Folloze connects both the marketing and sales teams to close the execution gaps in the business ecosystem, collaborate on a marketing strategy, create content campaigns that are specific to an account, automate content flow, and more. This company is known for its diverse and intense expertise in taking personalized marketing to the next higher level of success.


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