Exclusive Tips on How to Run Virtual Events

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, March 15, 2021

A URL address is needed to attend virtual events if hosted on any videotelephony software. When it comes to virtual activities, people hope to receive a referral to attend before the event begins.

FREMONT, CA: Software and applications that allow people to handle all facets of an event online are referred to as an online event management system. From sending invitations and receiving registrations to attendance management and sending post-event communications, online event management software streamlines and automates the event preparation process.

Tips on How to Run Virtual Events

Collect Registrations for The Virtual Event Online

Top 10 Event Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2020Managing registrants is difficult enough. Managing registrants for virtual activities can be much more difficult. Fortunately, gathering registrations for the virtual event would be a breeze if one uses a high-quality online event management system. For instance, one might send out a branded email invitation that includes a connection to a branded event registration form that collects the information needed. The information collected from registrants will then be available through the online event management system. This makes it easy to see who has signed and who has canceled. Should the need arise, it also allows organizers to deliver targeted messages to individual registrants.

To Increase Virtual Event Attendance, Automate a Pre-Event Reminder

Consider using the meeting connection in an automated confirmation email sent to a contact after they validate their registration (another great feature of online event management systems). Even better, include the connection in an event notification email.

It is important to give an event alert, but the timing is much more crucial. Send it too long before the virtual event, and people will lose the virtual event link in their cluttered inboxes. Send it too early before the event, and people will forget to attend entirely.

The trick is to set up the reminder to attend emails so that they pull into the event connection (to attend) and pre-schedule them to go out just the right period before the event (say an hour before), saving organizers the time and hassle from manual publication at the last minute.

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