Evolving Role of AI in SEO Strategies

Martech Outlook | Friday, June 26, 2020

AI is being leveraged to meet the requirements of the search engines, which are getting better at identifying keyword stuffing, quality of content, and irrelevant backlinks.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the dynamics of various industries. Its ability to analyze and find patterns in vast data sets has prompted businesses to adopt AI systems into their processes. The effect of AI is also impacting the way search engines operate. AI and ML have become a crucial component that influences the way search engines rank pages. Thus it is important to consider AI when planning for search optimization.

Marketers have started to use AI to meet the requirements of the search engine as the search engines are getting better at spotting keyword stuffing, quality of content, and irrelevant backlinks. Utilizing AI for SEO practices not only allows a greater opportunity to improve a page’s ranking but also helps to design better content and more cohesive strategies.

Impact of AI on Content Strategy

AI has immense potential to impact the overall content marketing efforts. The technology creates several possibilities to reach audiences and enables the marketers to string these possibilities into an effective marketing strategy. Especially when it is about creating cohesive content strategies, the solution lies in the data. AI can collect valuable data and lead to overall SEO success. Using audience demographic data, marketers can pinpoint and target the relevant audience. Thus, AI can help to find the invaluable data required to create an effective content strategy.

AI and Personalization

Hyper personalization is the future of marketing strategies. Already businesses are putting significant effort to gain more insights into their audiences. Moreover, today’s consumers are expecting companies to provide content that addresses their needs and concerns. According to a survey, 79 percent of organizations that surpasses their revenue goals have a documented personalization strategy. It further stated that the use of smart personalization engines to recognize customer behavior would allow digital businesses to enhance their profits by up to 15 percent. AI has immense potential to add the element of personalization into SEO and content marketing strategies. One of the best techniques to add personalization to the content marketing strategy and SEO is to use automation and AI marketing techniques.

ML and Search Engine

A search engine is one of the most crucial components of SEO. It has become more sophisticated in the process of page rankings over the years. SEO is moving beyond the conventional requirements that required SEO specialists to meet the criterion of relevancy with the help of keywords, links, metadata optimization, and frequent addition of website content. For instance, Google is constantly improving its search algorithms to evolve according to the customer's search habits. According to an estimate, 50 percent of searches will be voice-based by 2020. Google has realized the trend of increase in voice search and has outfitted the Google Assistant to understand the natural conversation.

Algorithms are also getting adept at offering up images in search. Google is leveraging ML and AI in various ways to offer sharper and more relevant results. They are also providing numerous channels for consumers to search. Some of the marketers have employed the same tools and tactics. Several tools can help in capitalizing on keyword usage, better organization of content, and monitoring the maneuverability of a page to ensure that the page satisfies the basic optimizations.

Generation of Better Contents

More intelligent content tools are emerging as a result of the evolution of AI and SEO. Several content tools leverage AI to assist marketers to enhance SEO performance. For instance, rather than the constant need to check social media to see if and when a company is mentioned, such tools can automatically notify the marketers of a company reference. AI is becoming an integral component of digital marketing, and the technology companies are responding to the trend with the development of tools to better understand and reach the audience.

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