Enhancing Customer Experience with RPA and Digital Process Automation

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 26, 2020

RPA and digital process automation can ease the customer service agent's burden and attain superior results in a fraction of the time.

FREMONT, CA: RPA and digital process automation are called upon by CTOs to solve legacy systems that still use repetitive tasks for their business processes. So, organizations should make personalized decisions in a split second to meet today's customer expectations. Keeping customer interactions relevant and convenient no matter what happens next. The technology is available to automate and optimize operational excellence. The key to increasing customer service delivery speed without compromising on efficacy or quality is to focus on automation. Learn more here.

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When deployed strategically to customer service processes, RPA bots can ensure that needed information is always available, no matter what channel the communication took place. By moving data from one source to another, RPA integrates the full journey, bridging gaps between systems and data integration and avoiding barriers from preventing serving customers most effectively. RPA case management speeds up processes and mitigates the amount of manual work needed from agents like copying and pasting information across systems, reducing the risk of costly errors while accelerating the service. This allows agents to move rapidly through any interaction, resulting in faster, accurate resolutions and shorter wait times for everyone.

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Truly channel-less interactions fueled by RPA and digital process automation take it one step further by allowing customers to move freely, back and forth, from one touchpoint to another with the context of their communications fully intact. By automatically moving and updating data across channels, businesses will always have the full customer story, not merely the fragmented data collected from telephone, email, and app interactions. That way, customers will get an improved outcome for them regardless of how they choose to contact the business.

Where robotics technology has shown previously that optimized processes will lead to faster, effective outcomes, organizations should be using it to enhance customer experience at scale. When the immediate response is everything to modern customer, brands which get it right can reap the benefits.

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