eBumps to Offer Location-Targeted Advertising

By Martech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

By using location-targeted advertising strategies, eBumps customizes ads on screens attached to the side of a car's passenger door.

FREMONT, CA: The new mobile advertising company eBumps places ads in real-time on their car-mounted LCD screens, is best serving a market of 227 million drivers who have not yet started to monetize their space. By leveraging location data and targeted advertising methods, eBumps will project customized, location-specific ads on screens attached to the side of a passenger door. This lets the advertisement hit passersby, nearby drivers, and soon all of New York City.

One added benefit of eBumps' LCD screen usage over conventional, stagnant billboards is that ads can be updated based on time-of-day, differing city neighborhoods, and even the current weather. It's like having a live, moving billboard, for a fraction of the price and at the exact time needed. There's an advantage to the drivers, too. Placing an eBumps screen on the passenger door side is a unique way to make additional income. Users can now make passive income every mile they drive along with advertising. eBumps estimates revenue figures for drivers high as $3,600 per year.

eBumps also need to make sure that this advertising-while-driving experience is all about you. As a driver, one can specify your advertising preferences and feel in control of the message you share. eBumps' filtering platform will let the user select to advertise from female-owned and Black-owned businesses, sustainable businesses, small businesses, and nonprofits whose missions user support.

Due to eBumps' location-targeted advertising, campaigns are ensured to be related to what is relevant for the consumer at any given point of time. With this new solution,  no longer will advertisements feel inorganic or invasive. eBumps wants to provide what users want and in real-time. In the long-term, eBumps aim to expand beyond New York City, with an overarching objective to give people back the power of their personal space and serve the world with more approachable advertising.

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