Dynamic Creative Templates to Boost Organizational Marketing Efficiencies

By MarTech Outlook | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Tessa Court, CEO

Creative templates are giving businesses and branch managers control over local marketing design and the flexibility of localizing messages.   

FREMONT, CA: The leading digital asset management and marketing operations platform, IntelligenceBank, has unveiled a Dynamic Creative Templates feature to boost local area marketing efficiencies in regulated industries. IntelligenceBank's clients spend millions of dollars each year, updating marketing materials such as posters, web banners, flyers, brochures, and pull up banners. The latest feature automates the majority of such tasks, enforcing brand and regulatory compliance. The feature enables clients to upload Adobe InDesign templates and map individual design layers to data sources, comprising images from the IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management system, user lookups, and database records from within the Marketing Operations platform.

Dynamic Creative Templates let the end-users select products from the product catalog, change pricing or interest rates, insert approved images, choose ingredients, and allergen notices for packaging labels. Templates can run through approval workflow and can be downloaded as pdf, png, or jpg files once approved. IntelligenceBank's customers have already started using the feature to let end-users at retail locations personalize selected elements, including messaging, interest rates, pricing, images, disclaimers, and packaging labels. Dynamic Creative Templates is yet another promise to the clients by the company. 

IntelligenceBank has found its mention in Top 20 Media and Entertainment Technology Solution Companies by CIOReview. IntelligenceBank is a pioneering digital asset management and marketing operations platform, helping content marketers work better. The company helps content marketers manage digital assets and creative content approvals and compliance. IntelligenceBank delivers niche SaaS applications designed to help teams reduce costs and risks. IntelligenceBank's exquisitely designed platform is used by approximately 400 leading brands with 350,000+ users in 55 countries. 

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