Digital Messaging Platform for Improved Customer Experience

By MarTech Outlook | Thursday, March 14, 2019

Joe Gagnon, CEO

A constant connection with consumers is essential for the growth of any business. The traditional systems connected to the customers have become monotonous and time-consuming. Sparkcentral is playing an important role in refurbishing this whole system of communication between companies and consumers. It has implemented faster customer care service that will use messaging alongside traditional channels like email, phone, and live chat. 

"We believe that messaging is the primary platform for customer service and engagement on board"

According to a research of PeW, 73 percent of the cell users use text messaging, and 95 percent of young adults, between the age of 18-29 years, are prone to messaging. Sparkcentral is trying to use this massive attraction, for the betterment of customer service. It has introduced a digital messaging platform. This platform enables the consumers to access channels according to their convenience. This platform can provide proper information about customers’ operation, and this facilitates personalized service. It uses SaaS platform and so, customer service representatives do not need massive technical knowledge to handle it. The customer service representative will automatically receive the customer's data during the interaction. Previously, Sparkcentral had launched Facebook Messenger Support at F8 Event. It became the first social customer service platform to use Messenger. Joe Gagnon, CEO of Sparkcentral mentioned, “We believe that messaging is the primary platform for customer service and engagement on board.”

Sparkcentral, along with Aberdeen hosted a webinar to cater proper knowledge to the participants regarding the proper and innovative use of messaging platforms for customer service. The webinar was based on “How the Best-in-Class Are Using Messaging for Personalized Customer Service.” This webinar was led by Tobias Goebel, VP of Product Marketing and Emerging Technologies at Sparkcentral and  Omer Minkara, VP and Principal Analyst at Aberdeen. The webinar discussed the necessity of a modern outlook to improve the customer care industry. To be true, this webinar rightly addressed the changing scenario of customer care service.

Aberdeen is an important provider of intent-based marketing and sales solution. Intent-based marketing ensures the better production of ROI. Aberdeen holds a massive amount of intent-data including 12.8 billion web pages, 3.7 billion device IDs, 480,000 keywords to define audiences. Aberdeen has recently acquired The Big Willow. This acquisition has enabled Aberdeen to grow as a provider of intent qualified opportunities.

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