Digital Marketing Automation: Opportunities for Businesses

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Automation has been a goal in content marketing circles for the last few years. The findings on a MarketsandMarkets report indicate an increase from 3.65 billion dollars in 2014 to 5.5 billion in 2019 in the world marketing automation sector. Likewise, content marketing is everywhere. If a term is used so often, it can be difficult to understand the meaning in depth and even harder to determine how it should be applied to companies. However, for today's companies, content marketing is a prerequisite. In addition, automated content marketing has the most significant advantage of saving time.

Based on the reduction of manual stress and the simultaneous improvement in efficiency, companies are increasingly taking marketing automation software. It also allows sound decision-making to use the limited resources available to marketers better. Thanks to automation, marketers can achieve higher customization levels and thus increase customer experiences.


Previously, marketing platforms were complicated, expensive, and dedicated resources were required for many years. They were available only to companies prepared to invest in the creation of platforms for demand generation teams. But organizations like MailChimp help even the smallest groups to provide their audiences with clever, automated, and personalized emails.

Even with marketing automation more accessible, the silo between the generation of demand and content marketing often still exists. As content marketing moves into the performance era and marketers must demonstrate the value of their work, demand generation and marketing content teams must harmonize. Content marketers will not be able to demonstrate ROI without insight into demand generation metrics: and demand generation efforts will never reach their real potential without content.


In any environment, automation saves time and ensures that the main tasks remain on track. The same applies to the marketing strategy for content. Automated marketing can help marketers to create and track content on all platforms easily. It can provide every user with the right content, thus avoiding the manual work and maintaining relationships efficiently. In any situation, a good marketing automation system can report on how the content works on each channel.



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