Cross-Channel Marketing: What It Is and Why It Matters?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, October 09, 2020

Reaching the right prospect with the right offer through the right channel at the right time can help brands improve the effectiveness and performance of cross channel marketing efforts.

FREMONT, CA: Customers are increasingly engaged with numerous devices and media platforms regularly. Therefore, marketers, today are challenged to offer a seamless customer experience to keep pace with them across all channels – also known as multi-channel marketing. It is more essential than ever before to understand consumers and how they communicate across different platforms to effectively reach them with relevant ads and achieve brand’s ROI goals. It is about simply marketing across different channels, that is cross channel marketing, and the success comes from creating cohesive cross-channel marketing strategies. Know more here.

Top 10 MarTech Consulting/Service Startups - 2019Having a foot in so many doors means brands will get more customers and brand recognition. Investing in one channel can boost interest in the business through other channels. Giving people options regarding how they will interact with the business means they can use the medium they are most convenient with, increasing the chances of seeing completed conversions. Additionally, having more touchpoints in the marketing funnel allows brands to collect more data. This data can help them develop a better understanding of where the promotions work best and measure success. Using cross-channel marketing means brands can stay consistent across mediums since they are managing their business’s reputation across all areas.

Coordinating cross-promotional efforts with integrated marketing in which different mediums compliment each other can help succeed in cross-channel marketing. Testing the effectiveness of multi-channel multi-channel marketing efforts by setting control groups will help brands better measure their campaigns’ effectiveness. One of the main advantages provided by multi-channel multi-channel marketing is the potential to create several touchpoints, which then offer additional data that can influence future marketing initiatives.

By establishing a multi-channel multi-channel marketing platform, brands will be able to combine traditional and emerging channels. Brands will also greatly simplify the creation and execution of cross-channel campaigns by allowing marketers to create a campaign that can be replicated across several channels.         

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