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Martech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The term big data describes the large amounts of structured and unstructured data any business contains. Though businesses are collecting data in heavy numbers, 44 percent of B2C marketers are taking advantage of the vast resource which is helping them in improving responsiveness. But it is observed that only 36 percent of marketers build relationship-driven strategies.

Experts say that data is used in a number of different high-impacting ways including operational analytics fraud and compliance, and consumer analytics.

Data should be guiding light for making informed decisions. Some of the popular ways to use data to drive marketing processes in business include:

Real-time analysis of data.

Using data to track consumers and personalize marketing processes.

Using huge amounts of social media data

Improving the content marketing process

Correct implementation of plans and strategies drive any business to success. As the analytics sector is growing rapidly, companies are also fighting to utilize big data and use top talents to be a part of their organization.

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