Cosmore and Nexstar Collaboration for an Expanded Currency Relationship

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, January 21, 2019

Comscore [NASDAQ: SCOR] is a committed platform media planning, transaction, and evaluation partner. The company enables multiple media buyers and sellers to measure their multi-screen behavior and make business decisions in confidence with a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, and overview and theatrical viewing intelligence with advanced audience insights. Comscore is the industry’s emerging third-party source for reliable and comprehensive cross-platform measurement as well as a leading measurer of the digital Set-top box and advertising audiences. In the last year, Comscore saw a number of local stations that use their local TV currency increase by roughly 20 percent.

Comscore recently announced that a multi-year agreement with Nexstar Media Group (Nexstar) has been signed. The company will serve in all Nexstar market markets, including the markets acquired from Media General as currency and measurement provider effective 1st January 2019. Comscore will also provide a new, locally based cross-platform currency to capture viewing insight across local linear, motive, desktop and over-the-top (OTT) television as a part of this expanded partnership.

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Nexstar Media Group is a leading diverse medium company which leverages localism in its traditional media, digital and mobile media platforms to provide consumers and advertisers with new services and value. The firm owns, operates, and provides sales and service to 174 full-energy multicast digital TV stations, which reach 100 or almost 39 percent of all U.S. Television households. The portfolio of Nexstar covers primary NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MyNetworkTV, and The CW affiliates. Additional hyper-local content and vertical content for consumers and publicity are offered on the community websites of Nexstar, enabling the public to select where, when and how they access content while creating new revenues.

In keeping with the agreement, Nexstar is one of the first broadcasters to implement advanced cross-platform information allocation and audience measurement on its broadcasting and digital platforms, including linear TV, mobile and desktop, in line with Nexstar’s commitment to deliver seamless cross-platform marketing solutions to local and national advertisers and brands. Comscore plans to commence integration in the local TV markets of linear and digital data sets by 2019. The company will also immediately accelerate the expansion of its over-the-air survey (OTA) in addition to Nexstar’s use of enhanced local market data within the scope of the contract and its ongoing commitment to local broadcasters. This expansion will offer industry more representatives, practical, and competitive insights into local behaviors in OTA and OTT viewing.

Comscore is one of the industry’s most trusted sources for passively-collected viewing data, with over 10 years of experience measuring TV viewership from return path devices throughout tens of millions households in all of 210 local markets. The firm is also a leading player in Advanced Audiences™, allowing the industry to transact on consumer behaviors, interests, and lifestyles beyond age and sex. This makes it possible to find the ideal audience to optimize success for TV stations, networks, advertisers, agencies, and medium companies at the local and national levels.

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