Comforting Customers with CRM

By Martech Outlook | Friday, June 07, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Al can be highly accommodating in systems and applications requiring the automation of repetitive and basic tasks, which results in improving the productivity and profits of the company. Currently, nearly 77 percent of devices use AI technology to enhance their services. Customer relationship management (CRM) software in sales and marketing or  AI-driven sales automation platforms can recognize patterns and trends available in the data at a glance and suggest the best use of it.

Real-time information improves the sales industry with exact tracks, which can be used to provide better service to the customers. It also strengthens the team to respond to queries and requests immediately and get an idea about the customer exchange behavior.

An important ability that AI puts forward for a CRM is predictive lead scoring, which helps the company to recognize and rank the highest-quality leads for the sales team to connect with via scoring system. Further, it can simplify the process of analyzing, managing, and pursuing the leads, which can be profitable for the company. It uses algorithms over human predictions to find out the qualifying business database and functions on different lead score parameters. The algorithms evaluate customer data to find the common touch points before establishing a formula that can organize leads automatically for the organization.

Sales forecasting can be accurately carried out by the companies, which make data-driven business decisions or predictions and with AI, they can get better ideas about future revenue, improve resource allocation, and analyze growth models.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a notable feature of AI-enabled CRM which can determine the needs of customers from an email or text since they make identical requests through emails. NLP can verify the customer that has to be a top priority for the company and tag their requests as time-sensitive for immediate response. It also looks closer at the customer experiences happening through email interactions and finds solutions for any conversation that goes negative at once. 

AI not only provides quantitative data, solutions, and improvement but also helps the company exclude unnecessary actions by evaluating communications along with narrowing the customer feedback tactics.

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