CitrusAd Expands its Ecommerce Ad Network With Price Choppers

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Summary: Price Chopper has joined CitrusAd, a rapidly growing ecommerce ad network, to provide brands and agencies with personalized ad performance.

Fremont, CA:Personalized advertising is a strong strategy that improves the relevance of advertising for consumers while also increasing the return on investment for marketers. It can give a better experience for both users and advertisers since it uses online user data to target consumers with more relevant advertising content. CitrusAd has expanded its ecommerce ad network by adding another large grocery retailer. Price Chopper, based in Overland Park, Kansas, has 52 locally owned stores and is one of over 25,000 retail stores that have come together to participate in the retail media boom that CitrusAd technology is kindling. In order to compete with Amazon, merchants are partnering with CitrusAds to create a scalable self-serve ad platform that allows companies to create targeted campaigns across an entire network of omni-channel retailers across the United States. Banners, sponsored product adverts, and brand promotion are just a few of the campaign aspects that can be used immediately at the digital point of purchase. Brands get a better return on ad expenditure (ROAS) using CitrusAds' relevancy engine, while customers get a better, more tailored experience. The new retail advertising platform is now integrated into Price Chopper's online shopping website and mobile app, providing marketers with the real-time visibility and assessment of ad success they expect from CitrusAds fully transparent reporting dashboard.

"Our stores are continuously trying to engage with customers on a more personal level, with CitrusAds platform increasing ad relevancy we are able to connect our customers to brands on a more personal and convenient level,” said Casie Broker, Chief Marketing Officer, Price Chopper. "This enhances both the overall experience and lets our customers find new and old favorites in one place.”

“As third-party cookies will no longer be supported by Google, Safari and Firefox in 2022, online savvy retailers like Price Chopper integrate with CitrusAd to offer the perfect opportunity for brands to utilize the retailers first party data to connect with shoppers in a relevant, unobtrusive manner at the point of sale,” said Brian DeCoveny, VP Retail Media Partnerships for CitrusAd.

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