CIOs' Top 4 Practices for Successful Multi-Touch Attribution

By Martech Outlook | Monday, October 21, 2019

Digital-savvy CIOs are initiating strategic implementation of multi-touch attribution, allowing for improvised digital marketing tactics and higher revenue.      

FREMONT, CA: The digital age marketers, with the ability to target customers across multiple channels, need solutions to track, measure, and optimize their tactics continuously. Multi-touch attribution allows the marketers to access complete view into their marketing performance across different channels and identifies the effectiveness of their business strategies. Recognizing the beneficial impacts by adopting multi-touch attribution, CIOs are actively looking for results like addressable marketing touch-point and better brand engagement. With the aim to implement multi-attribution successfully throughout the organization’s marketing channels, CIOs initiate significant practices and face the adoption challenges more efficiently.

1. Prioritizing Identity Resolutions 

Before implementing the multi-touch attribution, CIOs measure its effectiveness for identity resolution. Identity resolutions allow the marketing channels to connect the dots between data gleaned from browser cookies and tracking pixels during the digital marketing campaigns. CIOs carefully choose multi-touch attribution, which seamlessly allows the data returns to their organizations after campaigns and track pixels by sharing the specialized ad products. The rightfully chosen multi-touch attribution for organizations can offer complete sales data at the user level, making it easier for marketing teams to determine the outcome of advertising.  

2 .Ensuring Workaround Highlights  

Today marketers are mostly concerned and focused on targeting mobile users as the rate of marketing through mobile, proves to bring more conversion and business profits. CIOs select practical multi-touch attribution tools that help the marketing teams develop strategic publishing partnerships. Multi-touch attribution processes in emerging data clean rooms enable data aggregation from the ad publishers to merge with first-party data from the advertisers and produce complete media-effectiveness analysis and attribution. Multi-touch attribution help CIOs raise privacy bars across the marketing channel while sharing their first-party data with publishers.

3. Multi-Campaign Touch-Point

As multi-touch attribution helps the marketers identify their effective digital marketing tactics, the capability enables marketers to tune their campaigns precisely and increase the Return on Investment (ROI). The omni-channel marketing process connects user data across the multiple campaign touch-points. CIOs can make sure the in-depth deployment of multi-touch attribution for their organizations’ marketing department, which can provide accurate tracks of ad serving and content consumption on the user levels.

4. Precise Process Implementation  

The important steps of setting up multi-touch attribution involve identifying executive sponsors and establishing project leaders. Assigned project leaders can help CIOs in multi-touch attribution process initiation and prioritize the process implementation. CIOs can also run training programs and create data readiness before implementing multi-attribution processes. The early understanding of multi-touch attribution processes by the marketing teams can deduct the time of adoption and trigger advanced marketing solutions more effectively. The full deployment of multi-touch attribution processes requires the selection of campaign test case and data preparation for the first test, which lets CIOs develop the phased roll-out plans and analyze the expansion of existing data.

Multi-touch attribution provides the marketing teams insight into both the benefits and the challenges of their marketing strategies. Visualizing the attributions enables today’s marketers to identify the campaigns, which drive marketing pipeline and revenue right at their fingertips. CIOs understand the necessity to optimize the marketing budget by its best allocation throughout the different stages of customers’ buying journey. By optimizing the marketing budget, CIOs motivate the marketers to prioritize campaigns and achieve future marketing pipeline and revenue goals. CIOs select and implement multi-touch attribution carefully to drive marketing campaigns awareness and upgrade the strategy building processes throughout their organizations’ marketing departments.     

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