Checklist for Competitive SEO Analysis

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

SEOCompetitive analysis is the secret mantra to keep up the pace with the established brands when one is in the initial stages of an SEO campaign. Keyword mapping, optimizing content or link building are crucial steps, but understanding who the competitors are and examining where they stand can help in getting a deeper insight of what an organization’s goals are and how to fix the loopholes.

• Who is the competition?

Identifying the topmost competitors is essential; this includes both direct business competitors and online search competitors as well. Media companies, large and small e-commerce sites or sites with different business models are all potential competitors.

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• Keyword Analysis

Keyword gap analysis refers to the process of determining which keywords the competitors ranked well for their website. The next step is to figure out the reason behind that ranking and then look at how one can rank for those keywords. Often it could be to create a new piece of content that is specific to a theme of keywords, working on the current portion of material, or building links to the content that incorporate the required keywords.

• Backlink gap analysis

A Backlink gap analysis tells which websites are linked to the competitors and not to a respective organization. This is crucial information as it narrows the gap between the competitor’s backlink profiles and starts boosting the ranking authority by getting links from websites that are already linked to the customers. Sites that link to multiple competitors tend to have a much higher success rate.

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• Competitive analyses into the workflow

Competitive analyses are a must and should not be overlooked while planning a digital marketing strategy. This process can assist in building unique and complex SEO campaigns based on the available data and the market dynamics thereby enabling organizations to take the lead.

Hence, it is essential to collaborate with the creative departments to discuss and build strategies that can help in alluring the new traffic. One must start with the low hanging fruits, and focus on things that can be addressed quickly and so that the improvements can be seen in short terms.

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