Channel Factory Unveils The Conscious Project

Martech Outlook | Thursday, June 03, 2021

Channel Factory, the global brand suitability and ad performance platform for YouTube announces the launch of The Conscious Project in response to data.

FREMONT, CA: Channel Factory, a global brand suitability and ad performance platform for YouTube, has announced the launch of The Conscious Project in response to data demonstrating how common features of advertising might unknowingly perpetuate racial, gender, and other forms of partiality and harm numerous content creator cultures.

The Conscious Project is a global initiative that combines Channel Factory's proprietary technology with education and awareness in order to promote the advertising industry and assist in its transformation into a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem.

The Project was created to bring more optimism and inclusivity to the world and improve the advertising ecosystem. Channel Factory began work on The Conscious Project following a review and assessment of its internal processes. It was further influenced by client demand for a more progressive and inclusive strategy to advertising on YouTube. The findings prompted Channel Factory to create the Project's core components, including education, tools, and services to assist brands in developing new methods to diversity and inclusion.

"More than a year after the level official unrest bubbled up to unprecedented proportions, the media and advertising industry have still not properly addressed what is an inherent structural bias that exists within advertising," said Tony Chen, CEO and founder at Channel Factory. "While we are far from finding permanent solutions to these problems, we are proactively working with our clients to develop technological solutions and strategies to help address this imbalance. This has formed a key part of The Conscious Project - ultimately, we need to bring the industry together to create a more inclusive environment online and a positive space for advertisers, consumers and creators."

"In our research we have uncovered the shocking impact that keyword blocking and brand safety controls have on marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ+ community," said Jonathan Marciano, Director of Communications at CHEQ. "Publishers and creators within these communities are disproportionately penalized by industry practices. We found, for instance, that words such as 'lesbian' 'bisexual' and 'drag queens' are placed as standard on brands' keyword exclusion lists with 73 percent of safe content being denied advertising dollars. Platforms and brands who take inclusion and diversity seriously should review their processes to ensure that minority voices are not being squeezed out, which often alienates the very audiences they are seeking to target."

Offering technologies that allow more inclusive environments is critical when 60 percent of consumers say they feel more positive about brands that advertise in inclusive and diverse backgrounds. The Conscious Project will help advertisers function with more data on the creators they are working to help to monetize, resulting in a better ad ecosystem on YouTube. It will allow the advertisers and creators to achieve their common monetization objectives while also benefiting users by promoting and sustaining diverse voices.

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