Changing the Way Customer Service is Delivered

By MarTech Outlook | Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Joe Gagnon, CEO

While customer service centers use messaging services like Messenger and WhatsApp, they can fail to meet users’ needs with automatic message response. One aspect to remember is that synchronous and asynchronous communication is a prerequisite for predicting future customer contact trends and will always be prerequisites. “Voice platforms, emails, and live chats are unreliable, less interesting, expensive, and ineffective ways of rapidly dealing with the customer to understand where they live and how they operate their phones,” says Joe Gagnon, CEO of Sparkcentral. Sparkcentral has created a digital messaging platform that recognizes messages as a preferred platform not only in the social but also in customer services settings, providing its agents with a mix of conversation history, customer information, and product information.

The company has in-depth knowledge of how to operate messaging in a customer service environment. They envision creating a movement to connect companies through the message with customers. They provide insight, technology, and an excellent team willing to change the customer's experience. To offer the ideal customer service experience, many elements must be brought together. The Contact Center provides optimization, commitment, service, specialization, support, and support. Unfortunately, the contact center has a lot of room for improvement–notwithstanding investment in human resources, processes, and technology.

Indeed, there are not enough adequate call centers. Successful companies are trying not to disappoint and frustrate their customers but delight them. Internally, they would like to provide their customer services officers with a good return on investment in a productive and satisfying environment. It's time for companies to change their approach to contact centers. To sustainably reap the benefits of customer and agent satisfaction, some of their previous assumptions might need to be challenged.

In the customer service setting, businesses are entering a new era. As companies are struggling to make digital services available and engaging, there is room for improvement. It is the right time to take advantage of the opportunity to provide both the consumer and the operator with the experience that is optimized for their business needs.

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