Challenges Marketers Have to Face with Mobile Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, March 12, 2021


Companies are using mobile marketing to reach a new audience and improve brand loyalty, but it is also necessary to understand the challenges.  

FREMONT, CA:  Mobile marketing is the way to go for brands aiming to hit today's on-the-go customers. According to studies, consumers spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones researching items before making a buying decision.

Brands can use mobile marketing to reach new audiences, customize messages, and improve brand loyalty at critical points in the customer buying journey. However, brands must understand the obstacles in order to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

The Many Challenges of Mobile Marketing

Top 10 Mobile Marketing Solution Companies in Europe - 2021Before the company can utilize mobile marketing's great benefits, they must figure out how to overcome the obstacles. Various obstacles come with mobile marketing, so here are some that can be overcome by working with a third-party shopping app.

There are Numerous Avenues from Which to Choose

When it comes to mobile marketing, there are so many choices to choose from. Few features are only available on mobile devices and others that can be shared with desktop users. For example, an advertisement made for Instagram's mobile app would not have the same impact if viewed on a laptop. It can make fully integrating a mobile marketing strategy into a company's plans difficult.

Internal avenues of communication for advertisers, like in-app messages, push alerts, and email, are fortunately available due to mobile technology. Each of these channels is well-suited to delivering specific messages. The key is understanding when and how to use all of them.

Results are Hard to Measure

If the marketing efforts are not bringing in the sales, leads, or conversions they need, it will be difficult for the company to expand. The issue likely comes from a lack of ability to quantify results. It is difficult to invest in the avenues that produce the best returns when they cannot measure success.

Using apps that reward consumers for making purchases is one way to fix this problem. The most measurable outcome they can track is a purchase. So, look for an app that can incentivize interactions to attract and monitor customers.

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