Can Facial Recognition Add Further Intelligence to Digital Signage?

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Digital signage has emerged as a tool that enables brands to engage their customers and provide assistance with a personal touch. 

FREMONT, CA: Brands are adopting many different approaches to personalize the shopping experience for customers. Smart digital signage with facial recognition is a tool that enables brands to engage their customers and provide an extra personal touch. Know more here.

With the help of cameras and specialized software, digital signage can use facial recognition to capture customer information such as gender, age, and even mood. This system can recognize the number of customers within the vicinity of the screen, the number of them who look directly at the screen, and the duration they looked at the screen. This information can be analyzed for deriving viewer trends. With that, brands could decide the nature of content to be displayed on the signage. Besides determining and targeting content, these analytics can also be used to determine a brand’s customer base. Insights on customer base van help in streamlining floor layout, inventory, and shelf displays.

Facial recognition in digital signage also allows brands to distinguish themselves by delivering highly targeted content and providing shoppers with a much more personalized and memorable experience. The data collected will enable brands to assess customer response to new products and services that can, in turn, help in gaining a better understanding of their customers to adjust merchandise and sales approach more effectively. In addition to giving shoppers a more personalized and memorable experience, brands can provide customers incentives to make a purchase and return to the store.

Applying facial recognition technology with digital signage to identify customer demographics can aid in further clientele analysis and help brands to identify effective marketing tactics. Providing a user-friendly content management system allows marketers to create and manage advertisements too. So, when combined with digital signage, facial detection systems are a valuable tool for any company to maximize its advertising dollars and reach their target market effectively.

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