Can AI Fight Ad Fraud?

By Martech Outlook | Monday, November 25, 2019

Ad FraudThe methods used to prevent ad fraud are fast changing in the wake of increasing adoption of artificial intelligence.

FREMONT, CA: The digital ad industry has been playing whack-a-mole with fraudsters, and this year is no different. Ad fraud is a growing concern among digital advertisers. The damage it makes investing in the tools, the personnel, and resources firms need to combat is vast. As a solution, the newest waves of advertising technology utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI). Digital advertisers are focusing their efforts on AI to tackle ad fraud. Know more here.

As attempts to ad fraud have become more sophisticated and challenging to detect, detection mechanisms also evolve in tandem. The only way to overcome ad crimes is by using AI. An AI-based ad fraud detection system actually starts with a rule-based approach through self-learning and building layers of defense. An AI-based model also has the advantage of being able to view patterns along many more dimensions than a traditional system. Traditional rule-based models typically analyze activity between on to three dimensions, but an AI model analyzes over eighty dimensions at a time. This enables the model to detect extremely sophisticated ad fraud patterns.

AI-based anomaly detection techniques and unsupervised learning methods are employed to discover deviant behaviors across multiple dimensions that are indicative of advertisement fraud. AI can also track fraud indicators over time to determine repeated fraud activity from particular devices or market cuts with higher certainty. AI’s time-series analysis enables advertisers to spot fraudulent patterns and catch serial fraudsters, and filter accidentally labeled fraudsters.Top Ad Management Companies

Ad fraud is costing the digital advertising industry billions of dollars and has become extremely difficult to detect. An advertiser has to be well informed to mitigate the effects of ad fraud. An AI-based solution, with its ability to analyze multi-dimensional data, is a better approach to fighting fraud.

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