Brendan Ripp Joins Pushly as its CEO

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Former Disney Advertising Sales EVP, Time president, and Attention Capital operating partner will lead the growth of Pushly.

FREMONT, CA: Pushly, a v2 Ventures firm, announces that longtime media and publishing industry executive Brendan Ripp joins the growing push notification platform as its new chief executive officer. Pushly offers media and content publishers the potential to grow, retain and engage audiences through their customized web push notification channel, resulting in more first-party data and predictable revenue growth.

Brendan is an innovative pioneer who has been at the forefront of delivering targeted, highly relevant, and engaging content for modern audiences. He’s exactly the kind of executive Pushly wants because he understands the hurdles digital media and content publishers face during this pivotal Time of change. Ripp was an operating partner at Attention Capital, founded by Joe Marchese, to address inefficiencies in how people’s attention is extracted and traded in today’s market. Ripp will be responsible for widening Pushly’s reputation as the industry leader in powering web push notifications for online media and content firms in his new role.

Before Attention Capital, Ripp was EVP, Disney Advertising Sales overseeing the National Geographic portfolio and leading its Global Consumer Products and Licensing. Before Disney, Brendan spent 16 years at Time in many leadership roles at brands, leaving as president of the technology and finance verticals. He is a board member of various media and nonprofit organizations, including the American Advertising Federation, Concern Worldwide, and a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Push notifications are permission-based and politely offered to a user’s desktop, making them popular among consumers who want to stay connected to the media brands they know and trust. Pushly provides publishers the ability to segment notifications according to user interests. Those who have embraced web push have found it a consistent and highly effective means to engage new site visitors and nurture loyal subscribers while gathering first-party data and generating more repeat visitors and page views for audience monetization. The relationship is beneficial, as more consumers request contextually relevant updates directly to their desktop after leaving a publisher’s site.

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