boostr's Omnichannel Order Management System will Eliminate Siloed Ad Sales and Operations

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Integrating OMS will help marketing advertising teams save time and improve predictability in order to obtain further earnings from the business.

FREMONT, CA: Looking at the new-generation customers, providing the right brand experience across different channels has become significantly important. And if any company gets carried away by the inefficient handling and delivery of customer purchases, it can lead to an invaluable, inefficient, and hyper-abandonment customer care.    

Focused on enhancing revenue management of media and marketing firms, the next-generation customer relation management (CRM) system provider, boostr, released its beta omnichannel order management system (OMS).

boostr launched its omnichannel OMS with the aim to assist advertising marketing teams in saving time and improving the predictability to gain further company profits. Furthermore, boostr's OMS fixes inventory management difficulties through insertion order (IO) and programmatic distribution, allowing margin security, streamlined media planning, order traffic efficiencies, and month-end closure. With the implementation of substantial advertising engineering systems, including Google Ad Manager, Rubicon, SpotX, AdX, and Netsuite, the boostr OMS will further enable single IO across various digital marketing devices.

Continuing the technological revolution in revenue, sales, and finance operations, the industry is in a constant requirement for a robust, holistic system. And with the conjoined integration of boostr's CRM and OMS platform, this search for an ultimate comprehensive system has come to an end.

boostr is the only end-to-end platform for complete omnichannel CRM and OMS pre and post revenues. Media businesses can reach higher profitability with boostr's revolutionary platform by generating marketing effectiveness, enhancing predictive precision, and increasing income.

For a long time, publishers have suffered from tremendous complexities over channels directly and indirectly. More than 75 percent of editors are operating at or below average effectiveness, and their employees spend 40 percent less time selling than their industrial colleagues. Until now, the activities and siloed schemes have failed to keep pace with the fast speed of shift in the advertising sector. Eventually, teams of advertising sales and operations can handle the pitch to settle end-to-end processes in one model and see how the company operates across all channels in real-time. Moreover, experts believe that with the integration of boostr's OMS, the days of silo management, headaches of inclusion, and incompatible information across CRM and OMS will end.   

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