Boosting Lead Generation with Online Tools

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, April 04, 2019

Lead GenerationIn a survey conducted by Hubspot, 63 percent of the respondents stated their biggest challenge was lead generation and prospects. Due to the lack of resources like staff, time, and funding, there is no scope to generate new leads. Majority of the respondents in the survey stated that conversion was their primary priority. A quick way to judge the effectiveness of a lead generation method is by comparing the average cost per lead to the industry averages. There are various tools to assist companies in lead generation if the business is underperforming.


Blogging is an integral part of content marketing; it is an inbound lead generation tool that is important for every marketer. A marketer must know where to place CTA in a blog post to generate leads effectively. Strategically deployed SEO will improve the ranking on search engine, and it can boost the web traffic. Quora is a platform where decision-makers post question to get an answer from the community. The profile must be linked to the company’s website, and the profile user must search for subjects relevant to the business and answer them. B2B market places are very appealing to buyers and vendors. The marketplace in B2B will provide buying experience like making a personal purchase. The marketplace will address the repeat buyers’ preferred mode of engagement. A study by McKinsey revealed that only 15percent of the repeat B2B buyers would communicate with the salesperson. Firms are providing tools that will allow the repeat customers to compare offerings with competitors and answer questions via email, video conferencing, or live chat. Companies with a small workforce must join a B2B marketplace. The cost of joining might vary depending on the business model.


Retargeting display ads work by tagging visitors with a retargeting cookie and anonymously following them all over the web; the tagged user will see the company’s ad when the cookie informs the retargeting provider to display ads. The content will be displayed to the visitors based on the section of the website visited by them. Nonconventional social media channels are the best source for B2B leads because it contains millions of users, companies like SlideShare promises relevant leads as the majority of the traffic is from targeted search by users surfing for content similar to the content produced by companies.

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