Boost Plus: Assisting Marketers with Ad Campaigns

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, April 01, 2019

SOCi, a notable social media and reputation management company, has announced the launch of Boost Plus, a solution to boost multiple posts spanning across various pages at the same time based on location and group level. According to a joint report from SOCi and the Local Search Association (LSA), 70 percent of brand engagement is done on social media in the local page level. Campaigns will require the marketer to create content that is suitable for local pages, and it is also a time-consuming process. Algorithm change by Facebook in early 2018 declined the organic reach of pages by 20 times, according to SOCi’s data platform.

To counter the reach drop SOCi built Boost Plus; it was built with various enhanced features and functions to save time for marketers. The solution allowed the marketers to make a strategic decision based on individual location or as an organization. Content boosting option exists from a long time, but it didn’t hold much significance to boost post in large scale, so this solution was introduced as the first turnkey solution to meet the unique digital needs of multi-location brands. The solution eliminates the need to boost posts one at a time. With Boost Plus the marketer can boost hundreds of post within seconds across thousands of local pages and provide feedback in a centralized dashboard. Boost Plus can suggest the marketer which post can be promoted effectively for each location using past performance data. Distribution of budget is evenly done by simplifying budget allocation.

The solution enables the marketers to reach out to the local communities with targeted reach. The value of engagement is high with local content that marketers work hard to create. The solution is currently available only on the desktop; this solution also offers various tools that will help the marketer to compare different campaigns and analyze across one or multiple accounts. SOCi was ranked #60 in the list of 5000 fastest growing companies in America; it is a company that was formed to meet the complex needs of multi-location businesses. Simplified reporting and effective working make it an ideal choice for marketers to use.

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