Bigabid Introduces Precondition Targeting

By MarTech Outlook | Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Ido Raz, President & Founder

A new proprietary mechanism helps app developers understand user behavior for ad targeting.

FREMONT, CA: A second-generation optimized DSP Bigabid helps app developers with user acquisition and re-engagement, is introducing a new, proprietary mechanism called Precondition Targeting. Precondition Targeting is built to help developers send in-app ads to relevant users based on the timing of their actions, as it measures the current state of users when they are taking action, aligning that action to the appropriate message.

Precondition Targeting enables app developers to analyze user behavior from the moment they interact with an app (e.g., download, purchase). Bigabid’s platform registers the sophisticated formula of the moment that preceded it. The platform focuses on users:

1. Long-term history (within an allowed period as stated by law, usually around three months period):

2. Present actions

3. Immediate history

4. User patterns and behavior: Utilizing a proprietary tool Bigabid launched earlier this year, “Deep Categories,” the platform can understand the users via a high-resolution categorization of the apps they engage with. Deep Categories reorganizes the app store utilizing 1000 categories or sub-categories, which helps determine which apps are utilized by high lifetime value users (LTV)

5. Fixed features: age group, geography, and so on.

Once these patterns from a user’s pre-action state are accounted for, the mechanism scours the web’s billions of users and millions of moments while searching the recurrence and similar patterns. The AI algorithm at the core of Precondition Targeting then leverages this knowledge to predict the ideal time to serve a relevant ad to a mobile app user.

“Since the founding of the company, Bigabid has been developing a platform that takes into consideration the complete scope of an app user’s activity. With the launch of Precondition Targeting, this objective is fully realized,” says Ido Raz, President, and Co-Founder of Bigabid. “For example, You might need a sofa, but you’re less likely to buy one made of leather if, yesterday, you downloaded a vegan-recipes app. Precondition Targeting solves this issue, enabling clients to reach their LTV users at the right timing with a message they can relate to.”

With Precondition Targeting, Bigabid’s platform serves millions of ideally timed in-app ads per day, translating into app growth and increasing Return on Ad Spend for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

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