Big Data is Changing the Content Marketing Space, Here's How

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Content marketers are constantly looking for the latest patterns based on insightful data sets gained with the aid of analytics tools and big data

FREMONT, CA: Data is growing exponentially. Various industries are leveraging the data sets to their benefit and amplifying their ROIs. Companies have also learned how to harness data and are changing the way they undertake the content creation process. A professional content marketer is constantly looking for the latest patterns and adapting to remain focused on the current trends. Another effective approach in this direction is to see what other organizations are doing and experimenting with them to see if it works for them or not. Here are some of the crucial content marketing strategies:

Concentrate on Web Analytics

Audiences provide an abundance of signs over their interests and needs. It is important to odder some time to understand these insights by probing inward search information, keyword execution, user behavior, and bounce rate.

Explore the Social Web

It includes forums, blogs, websites, and networking channels, which is popular among the targeted audience. A collection of tools can also assist in gathering information over the topics that are being discussed by the individuals as they are related to the product and services.

Perform Industry Research

With a massive amount of data available, research studies are a common affair. It is essential for the marketers to leverage the relevant information from these researches that can assist them in gaining significant insights and provide them with an edge against their competitors.

Customer Feedback

It is imperative to perform customer surveys to understand the impact of marketing contents. Specific questions can be asked from the customers concerning their interests, favorite features, most loved sites, and the data that augments their interests.

In all of the above causes, big data has a significant role to play. Here is an insight into it:

As mentioned earlier, brands are harnessing the massive amounts of data sets available to them. Big Data is essential incorporation that is helping the businesses with the same. Here are some of the ways in which Big Data is changing the content marketing space:

Big Data Alters the Contents of the Brands

Until recent past, brands essentially crated contents in a whim. They might have been successful in tracking some of the key performance indicators (KPI) such as count of new newsletter subscribers, but they didn’t have access to a detailed picture of how various pieces of new content affected the final KPI number. However, with big data, the marketers have a much better insight into the performance of each piece of content. Sometimes, they can track the performances in near real-time. For instance, they are having precise information regarding the number of engagements when they write a new blog post or post a new YouTube video.

Big Data Provides an Analytical Approach to Content Marketing

As data analytics enter the space of content marketing, it gets transformed from an “art” to a “science.” As stated earlier, content creation involved an editorial meeting to decide which stories. Concepts or themes were to be highlighted. Editorial calendars were also into play where those themes, stories, or concepts were marked across a particular time horizon. However, today, the rules of the game have changed with the analytics tools guiding the marketers on what’s trending and with what demographic. Thus the marketers know precisely the type of content, the length of the content, the time when it should be posted, and the ways to optimize audience engagement.

Big Data Offers a Competitive Edge to the Brands

Big data is equipping the brands with a huge competitive advantage that have a well-developed ecosystem of content where all their mobile, social, and online platforms are integrated into one content marketing strategy. It not only saves the duplication of contents but also assists the marketers in optimizing the reach of their posts for a specific audience.

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